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Arginine Pyroglutamate (l-Arginine-l-Pyroglutamate)
Research and Studies

In human subjects, pyroglutamate was compared with placebo in a randomized double-blind trial for assessing its efficacy in treating memory deficits in 40 aged subjects. Twenty subjects were treated with pyroglutamate and 20 with placebo over a period of 60 days. Memory functions were evaluated at baseline and after 60 days of treatment by means of a test made up of six memory tasks. The results show that pyroglutamate is effective in improving verbal memory functions in subjects affected by age-related memory decline. Grioli, S. et al. “Pyroglutamic Acid Improves the Age Associated Memory Impairment.” Fundamental and Clinical Pharmacology. 1990, Vol. 4, pp. 169-73.

Pyroglutamate(with arginine) This is an amino acid found naturally occurring in all foods, especially fruits and vegetables. It is closely related in structure to the “racetams”, but has a weaker nootropic activity. (I call it “piracetam junior.”) This product improves the levels of nitric oxide in the body, a potent neurotransmitter associated with memory.
Nitric oxide dilates blood vessels, improving blood flow to the brain. Pyroglutamate is known to improve memory and learning. And, if you are involved in intense physical activity or exercise, using pyroglutamate arginine will also assist. Oz Garcia, author of The Balance, is one of the best-known nutritionists and health authorities in America. Twice voted Best Nutritionist by New York magazine

Pyroglutamate has a number of remarkable cognitive-enhancing effects. Clinical studies of pyroglutamate have demonstrated that it enhances memory, helps combat the effects of alcohol, and combats senility. Grioli S et al. Pyroglutamic acid improves the age-associated memory impairment. Fundamental and clinical pharmacology, 1990, 4, pp 169-73. - Sinforiani E, Trucco M, Cavallini A, Gualtieri S, Verri AP, Spignoli G. Sulla Reversibilita dei disordini cognitive negli alcolisti cronici in fase di dissauefazion. Minerva Psichiatrica. 1985, 26, 10, pp 90-7. - Anderson K, Anderson L. Orphan Drugs. Los Angeles, CA: The Body Press, 1987 p 170.

Three small double-blind, placebo-controlled studies enrolling a total of about 70 individuals with congestive heart failure found that oral arginine at a dose of 5 to 15 g daily could significantly improve symptoms as well as objective measurements of heart function. Hambrecht R, Hilbrich, L, Erbs S, et al. Correction of endothelial dysfunction in chronic heart failure: additional effects of exercise training and oral L-arginine supplementation. J Am Coll Cardiol. 2000;35:706–713. - Rector TS, Bank AJ, Mullen KA, et al. Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of supplemental oral L-arginine in patients with heart failure. Circulation. 1996;93:2135–2141. - Watanabe G, Tomiyama H, Doba N. Effects of oral administration of L-arginine on renal function in patients with heart failure. J Hypertens. 2000;18:229–234.

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